Here at STEAM 'N' WEEDS, we take pride in utilizing sustainable products that lessen the impact taken on our sensitive environment. One of the tools we use to achieve this is Satusteam™ Technology created and patented by Weedtechnics.

Safer Solutions for a Safer Environment

Satusteam™ Weed Control: to control any soft wooded weeds, the perfect safe solution ideal for non-turf areas. No toxic chemicals needed. Breathe Easy, It’s Just Steam!

A fire hydrant spraying water on the ground.

Satusteam™ Pest Control: to control ant colonies without the use of pesticides. Ants are negatively affected by temperatures greater than 40°C. An effective pesticide-free option.

A person is spraying water on the ground.

Satusteam™ Outdoor Cleaning and Sanitization: to kill germs and clean exteriors without the use of harsh chemicals or acids that leave behind residues or abrasions from high pressure cleaning.

A person using a power washer on the side of a wooden deck.

Satusteam™ Ice Dam Removal: to remove any ice build-up in any areas that will be damaged by or negatively affected by high pressure. (eavestroughs, culverts)

A gutter that is covered in snow and ice.

Weeds, Gum, Graffiti, Grease, Ants, Ice

Quality WEED ERADICATION Guaranteed.

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