About Us

STEAM ‘N’ WEEDS is a small family-owned company that was established in 2016, after an idea had been sparked, “Boiling water kills weeds”.

However, the company Weedtechnics had been using this Saturated steam “Satusteam™” technology since 1997.

After purchasing some machines and starting our service contracting company, we were approached and very excited to become Canadian Distributors for Weedtechnics.

Dan has a strong background in machinery and management experience. We often get asked why we started this company. Well, the environment and staying away from harmful chemicals has always been important to us.

After having several immediate family members battle cancer and other intestinal diseases such as Chrohn’s and Celiac disease, which are all known illnesses caused by glyphosate use, we decided to start being a part of something big. Join the fight on the overuse of chemicals, where they don’t need to be.

It has been so important for us to stand up and join this fight to accomplish change. Not only for our generation but that of our children and many more generations to come. We are extremely proud to be a part of creating a sustainable future.