All About Us at STEAM 'N' WEEDS

STEAM ‘N’ WEEDS is a small family-owned company that was established in 2016, after Dan had an interesting idea – “Boiling water kills weeds”. Dan had always been environmentally conscious and wanted to find a natural way to remove weeds.

Dan did some research and discovered that a company called Weedtechnics had actually been using saturated steam technology to kill weeds since 1997. Their “Satusteam™” machines could effectively remove weeds without harmful chemicals.

Intrigued, Dan purchased some Satusteam™ machines to start his own landscaping service called STEAM ‘N’ WEEDS. Word of his new company spread quickly. Before long, Weedtechnics approached Dan about becoming the official Canadian distributor of their product line. As someone with experience in equipment and management, Dan was a perfect fit.

Friends would often ask Dan why he started STEAM ‘N’ WEEDS. He enjoyed being able to say that protecting the environment and providing a chemical-free solution was what motivated him from the beginning. It was a business that aligned with his values of sustainability.

After having several immediate family members battle cancer and other intestinal diseases such as Chrohn’s and Celiac disease, which are all known illnesses caused by glyphosate use, we decided to start being a part of something big. We wanted to join the fight against the overuse of chemicals, especially in places where they aren’t really needed.

It has been incredibly important for us to stand up and join this fight to try to create some change. We’re doing it not only for ourselves and our generation, but also for our children and many more generations to come after them. We want them to have a healthy future without all these chemicals. Creating a more sustainable world without so much glyphosate and other toxins is something we strongly believe in.

You know, seeing your loved ones struggle with serious illnesses really puts things into perspective. We realized we had to do something to try to prevent other families from experiencing the same heartache. Joining the movement against excessive chemical usage seemed like a good place to start.

Protecting future generations is so important. We don’t want our kids and grandkids to grow up in a world where common foods contain dangerous toxins. Making changes now that reduce chemical dependence will hopefully lead to a greener, healthier planet for everyone down the road. We’re glad to play a small role in that effort.

We’re extremely proud to be helping in the effort to build a greener future for everyone. Working together, I believe we can create meaningful change and a legacy of a cleaner environment for generations to come. That goal keeps us motivated to push for safer alternatives and more sustainable practices.