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STEAM 'N' WEEDS Environmental Solutions provides distribution of sustainable products. Eliminating the need for toxic chemicals that are having a negative impact on our future.

What we use on our soil, ends up in our lakes, oceans and drinking water. 


STEAM 'N' WEEDS also provides Satusteam™ Contracting Services in Eastern Alberta and Western Saskatchewan. 

Authorized Dealer in Canada


What is Satusteam™?

Condensate of superheated water flashing into steam and boiling water.

No Acids, Chemicals or Foaming Agents Needed.

100% H20

My SW900 is working well in my fields and the customer service was great.

Entry® isChloride FreeUrea FreeNon-TrackingGreen Seal CertifiedEPA Tested an ISSA WinnerSafe For Pets....

Why Choose Chloride Free?

Chlorides are extremely corrosive and toxic to the environment.

Flooring, metals, carpets, concrete and plants can become damaged due to chloride use.

Entry® is the only Green Seal Certified ice melt on the market.

We love the non tracking aspect of Entry®

Our Services

Our Services


 Utilizing Weedtechnics patented Satusteam™ Technology to eradicate unwanted vegatation, outdoor cleaning, sanitization & more.

View Our Work

View Our Work

Check out samples of our recent work and you'll agree that we're the best choice.

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Equipment Financing Available Through: