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STEAM 'N' WEEDS - Chemical Free Weed Control

Here at STEAM 'N' WEEDS we use patented steam technology from Weedtechnics to eradicate unwanted vegetation. There are no chemicals required in this process. Simply 1 ingredient, WATER.

Once the weeds are steamed the cells inside explode from thermal shock and the waxy surface is removed resulting in the lack of photosynthesis. Which immediately causes the weed to wilt and completely destroys it in hours. The seeds and seed beds can be affected during this process along with the weed itself.

STEAM 'N' WEEDS specializes in, but are not limited to, areas that are sensitive to herbicide use and/or areas that contain prohibited noxious weeds. The saturated steam will kill all local weeds and there is no need to worry about chemical resistence. The seeds and seedbeds will be damaged in the process resulting in much less regrowth between each application, resulting in fewer applications needed for a weed free zone.

In addition to weed control, we also have the ability to simply change nozzles and we can perform:
- Gum Removal
- Recycling Bin Sanitation
- Graffitti Removal
- Oil Spot Removal
- Exterior & Interior Pressure Washing and Steaming
- Cooking Grease Bin Cleanup

and the list goes on. 

Quality WEED ERADICATION Guaranteed.

Call us today for more info: 587-43-STEAM

Ask us about Satusteam™ and how we can keep your property weed & chemical free.

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